Foolish Warrior

by Wülf Boi

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History repeats itself


released January 12, 2017

Written by Wulf Boi
Produced by Wulf Boi
Featuring SSK, Joella Sloand, Ghreklyn, C-Nuri, Chronic Boss




Wülf Boi Virginia

Inventor of Sadboy Rap

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Track Name: Warring State of Affairs
[Verse 1]
Going on 20, and he's already jaded
Kinda thinks obscurity's as far as he will make it
But he still fakes it, see the following melody
He'll brag about his cats, like fiddy about his felonies

Inside he just wishes for inspiration
At least it would be nice see his muse on visitation
The creation of Music is like Google for the pessimist
He views his education like Aesop sees his therapist

dance by the precipice while juggling knives
A wolf with 2 cats and 9 struggling lives
4 lives just spent stressing over school
Feels like his life is plotted on a TI-82

And he doesn't like the end behaviour
Can't have faith in the community's saviour
Really he's just tired of other people's imaginations
So he gave himself a needed vacation

Welcome to foolish warrior

Orokana Senshi

[Verse 2]
He walks through a white hood in a grey hoodie
And discusses all his problems and traumas with his buddies
Finding real life more and more scary
he picked up that show he used to watch in secondary

He always used to scratch his dad's vinyl
His dad took him to best buy, with this as the final
A compilation of Prozac and shower thoughts
"thank you, please enjoy" to all his loyal follow bots

The soundcloud lost and found
Bass do a hash tag pound sign ground pound
But he never liked the mainstream piranhas
He rides by weilding a decorative katana

(Fucking loser) jokes on you, he's not ashamed to admit it
He would rather hit the couch and sack than hit it and quit it
And who more ironic to be hip hop's Frankenstein
Luckily for him, irony's fine

Track Name: Simple Braggadocio (ft. SSK)
[Verse 1 (Wülf)]
This is a warning to listeners on band camp
Don't play without fire extinguisher on hand, man
Still a sucker for the simple Braggadocio
Still tell you i will steal your Juliet, Romeo

Jk, no beef, I ain't raising cattle
But if you step to me, I ain't afraid to battle
Yes, I will trade rhymes like fisticuffs
Tell whack rappers hit the road, like I'm pissed at trucks

No, never one to pull my punches
These rappers got fake beef, like school lunches
Bass, yeah, I got subs like a let's player
Watch the throne motherfucker I'm a king slayer

Uh, Got that old school G
Like videos of .44s in 144p
Wulf is a fox, I shine from the top tier
Foolish Warrior, the message is clear

Looking down from my tower
I can feel it it's my hour
Music is the medicine
I can turn this into anything

[Verse 2 (SSK)]
Music is my Medicine, sit still and settle In
Got the equivalent, Of a verbal heroin
Now breath deep, And inject in
hold on to ya hats Cuz you head will spin
Then you'll turn around To buy this dope flows I'm peddlin
My words give a mind rush Kinda, Like the
Side effect from Anti congestants
Legs dangling off of the top Story, brah
Experiencing vertigo but at the same euphoria
At the top of my tower Getting harder to breath
The music kicks harder than pills or the lean
And that why we do it In a world, that's wretched and obscene
We need a rapper not afraid to intervene
Diluting the pollution
We the lyrical Solution
Can see thru phonies As if they were translucent
Mainstream is corrupt, These big corporations
we do it for love, They do it for the payment

Track Name: Move Along (ft. Joella Sloand & Chronic Boss)
[Verse 1 (Wülf Boi)]
Life going by in a blur
Daily routine is still obscure
Not quite sure where to search for a cure
Even his therapist seems unsure
Hold up, anxious brain cells
No meds, no card for a get well
And shits going dark, it seems his sense of humor is in for a dry spell

And so's his sex life, ayy... No laugh track
Spin it back, that's too wack, this kid's spitting sad facts
Wanna brag rap? One track back
If you wanna hear this fag act
But It's curtains now, so this one's exclusively for the wulf pack

Keep it 100, I'm talking Asian kid GPA
Yo flow is outdated, you snapchating on PDAs
Flow is on public display, shout out to my open mics
In the background of live vids, that get a couple likes

I'm waiting to get famous, wearing shoes out from pacing
Imagine the future, i be constantly spacing
And all this time I'm wasting, shoulda been spent on music
I just hope the beat don't stop before I choose it (oh)

[Hook (Joella)]
Sitting here, listening to lobby music
Trying to figure out when I'll choose it
Maybe it's time to move along or listen to this song

The world goes so fast that I see a blur
It makes them all think that I'm a bit disturbed
So I leave it to fade and continue to wait

[Verse 2 (Chronic Boss)]
Yo, Wülf Boi
I don't even know why you got me on this track
I mean, like, I don't even know how to fucking rap
But shit, I'm gonna try my best
Here we go

Track Name: Ira
Boy, I know that we could be more than just friends, but you're scared

[Verse 1]
Look, In high school, I barely knew who this girl was
She was hanging with the clique of the sister of my cous'
I guess she remembered me though, one day I came back home
My roommate introduced me, she knew my name from right off her dome

I'm embarrassed, I had to ask for hers
But I realize she's gorgeous, I'm getting anxious nerves
(Stop looking at her curves) dammit my mind is racing
She likes the same shows I like, fuck this girl is amazing

I'm getting hasty and blurt out "We should exchange numbers"
I start to take it back so awkward, man, that was a blunder
But she says "Alright," man, I can't believe it, I'm ecstatic
I nearly drop my phone, my hands are shaking erratic

So days pass, and we're hanging out for a while
And I think I love this chick, when I'm with her I have to smile
And I think she likes me too, in fact, I have no doubt
So next time we plan to meet, I think I'll ask her out


[Verse 2]
The day goes awesome, Rurouni Kenshin on the couch
I get so nervous that I can't get the words out
Now I've started walking her back to her car, shit
Now she's driving off, can't catch up, she's too far

Then I feel my pocket buzz, she's calling my cell
Telling me how fun it was, I think the night went well
So I finally dropped the question to her, over the line
That's when she tells me that she's talking to some other guy

(Hey, you alright? I'm sorry. Like, we aren't serious, and I do like you. I just don't want to burn any bridges, cuz, I think he and I get along really well. I hope you're not upset. We're still friends, right?)

[Verse 3]
Visions of a romantic excursion
Are soon replaced with memories of a more accurate version
Where I sit at home, and watch Nichijou alone
Got to level 60 in Bloodborne, man, I'm in the zone

What was her name again? I can't even recall
Like, I ain't even mad, that she wont' text me at all
And I ain't tripping, like, I don't think that she was the one
I mean, she's headed out to Maryland for college next month
So, you know. Dodged a bullet, right?
Track Name: Pigskin (prod. BluntedBeatz)
I paid good money for that shit

I'm walking down to the little John's
Got my favorite music on
Headphones boom, that bass the bomb
Taking on any challenger, I'm the champion
I'm breaking wack rappers bones like they lacking calcium

But im still grinding, from my parents place I'm tryna exit
Wallet feeling so empty like it's anorexic
And I don't feel like flexin, so I'm buying the cheapest option
Coke and a pigskin on rye, with no onions

Pretty bland, but I'm not about to complain
I'm not making demands, just trying to make my way
To my next class, take a bite and hustle down the hall
I'm tryna project that I don't give a fuck I can't ball

And I honestly don't, you can tell by the ponytail
Nose always in phone screen, like it's the holy grail
Sipping my holy water, cuz I need my caffiene
I'm a fiend, so when I spilled my drink I nearly scream, like

Track Name: Story of a Typical Sunday (ft. Ghreklyn)
[Verse 1 (Ghreklyn)]
Woke up it was sunday expecting a monday
still high from last night, man i got a headache
my mind is bouncing off the walls actin fuckin crazy
how did i get home my mind is pretty hazy
but its okay
got no shit to do today
i got a project due but man thats i'll do on monday
aint even gettin dressed
room is fuckin mess
got no one to impress
man couldn't care less
listenin to vapor wavedashin im smashin while high on that hash and winning that money match that im cashin in
look at me im just a brash ugly faggot tryna promote my habit rappin fast as a rabid rapid rabbit did
i be actin like a sad kid, dropped out like your dad did
mad kid, good city
laughin like dicky dude give me a shitty quicky pretty quickly
pass the fuckin pipe man i'm smoking like a hippie
ya hear me?

[Hook (Ghreklyn)]
You hear me? (x8)

[Verse 2 (Wülf Boi)]
Sunday Afternoon
I'm chilling in my room
I gotta concentrate so i Let the stereo boom
I got college, and some jobs to apply to
now I gotta album, got some beats I wanna write to

And worse still, I'm stressing on another level
Deadlines over my shoulder like angels and devils
I gotta work fast, I cut corners like a bevel
I just wanna say fuck it, but I'm not much of a rebel

Constantly reminded like my brain is sending death threats
It's getting late, why haven't I gone to bed yet?
Cuz I need to finish something before the day ends
And so my mind bends, till something comes out of this pen

If the stars align, i might just start a line
Might even finish it, if I just strain my mind
I need some inspiration fast, oh yeah I need it dearly
I've Got ideas that I need to let out, you hear me?

Track Name: Hollow
I don't wanna be here
Thesis to my existence
High volume, damaged ears, route one in the distance
In front of the other riders I'm trying to act sane
When in reality, internally, I'm at war with my brain

Mood swings often move in stealth
I go from hating everyone else to hating myself
It's hard to know this hatred comes from my mental health
Cuz the thoughts feel as real as reality itself

Deal with the hand I'm dealt, listen to sad songs
It's hard, when it feels like having the feeling is wrong
Everybody tells me to count my blessings
So why does therapy always turn to a crying session

People would kill for the life that I'm living
But recently, having a shitty day is a given
I greet the people and driver with vacant expressions
and board the bus, crank my tunes up to eleven

I've been hollowed out, no longer there
I've been hollowed out, no longer care

[Verse 2]
Feel like you're from another planet, phone home
That might explain the gray matter exploding inside your dome
But chrome plated ufo is yet to be discovered
So for now just try to act normal around the others

World has gone to shit from politics
So shit, google how to book a flight to mars for kicks
Then google a faster way to leave the planet
Then start to get concerned with what you're planning

You could never go through with it, don't be afraid
But in your train of thought, the idea starts to invade
What would happen if you stepped out into traffic
Or jumped off of a bridge, why deviate from the classics

Guns, slit throats, suffocation, third degree burns
And then the bus pull up to school, it's your turn
You think it's best to just ignore
Put on a happy face so you can hide the rotten core

Track Name: Colors in the Sky (ft. C-Nuri)
All I see are the colors in the sky
Drink another bottle, bliss in disguise
Looking up all I see are your eyes
There'll all me, so I gotta recognize

Try to relate to my scars on the side
To be honest we're shooting for the stars
And if I'm trying to get it, love is not lost
In your eyes in your soul, I'm gone

[Verse 1 (C Nuri)]
Going the wrong way for a long time sucks
But the farther I go, the less that it hurts
My blood is boiling, yet my heart pulls a hurt
It is colder than the polar bear farthest from the earth

Rain falling on my head, and rain clouds circling
You tell me that you understand
But another man's situation is not akin
I'm a speak up man


[Verse 2]
Wrong track, runaway train
Feels out of control, but nobody sees the pain
You think you must be going insane
Like the world is feeling sunny and you're standing in the rain

Some days, the sun sets bleak
Other days the colors in the sky are all that you see
And they feign understanding, try to keep your head straight
But maybe that's what's making you insane in the first place

I understand they wanna relate to the scars
But they can't truly feel what went into these bars
So you stop trying with time passing
You feel like you've lost some of that passion

You gotta take action, never falter
If music is religion, never stray from that altar
Altair, cuz you're reaching for stardom
Keep reaching, one day this will lead to your freedom

Track Name: Little Brother
[Verse 1]
This one's for my little bro
I know it's hard growing, just take it slow
I know you look up to me
But honestly, you're gonna end up in front of me

You've got more talent, more drive
You're changing the world just by being alive
And I want to witness it all
and be there to pick you back up when you fall

So I'm sorry for not being there
My life has been hectic of late
I'm trying to change that I swear
I'll make it cuz bro time's not up for debate

It's a yes, no maybe
It's just that life's making me crazy
But if I lose a marble or two
It's still couldn't possibly make me lose you, cuz

Brothers, we stick together
Our bond is as tough as leather
And I'm never letting go, no

[Verse 2]
I know that this song is a cheese fest
I'm sorry if you get embarrassed
But it had to be said
Cuz despite all our differences, you're my best friend

I know that you'll go through some ish
Middle and high school, you'll just want to quit
I felt the same way
Just know if you need to talk, you can turn to me

If you don't that's cool too
I still like hanging with you
We can play some watch dogs
I promise that I will not tell mom

So look, it's a roundabout way of saying it
I know that I'm overplaying it
But Will, you're my brother for life
Through all of the struggle, hardship and strife

Track Name: Foolish Warrior
[Verse 1]
I need to do homework and search for new employment
Instead I play drum machines and crate dig in the basement
To choose my battles wisely if for what I strive
But instead I spend my free time keeping hip hop alive

And it's finally something to be alive for
Something to put in work for, to grind towards
I doubted I could even finish a project
I feared that my lyrics might just come out as nonsense

But no contest, this is the best I've ever done
And I'm already thinking of ideas for a better one
Yeah, now I don't need to smoke to relieve my stress
Just beat tapes, decks, and a heart beating in my chest

A foolish warrior doesn't fight for his own concerns
Spend a dime on albums for every penny that he earns
But what's important to him is the art
And that he keep that flame burning in his heart


[Verse 2]
Do I make life hard for myself? Yes
It's not complicated the answer's yes, I confess
When I'm depressed I'm the one holding me back
That's why it took me four long winter months to write this track

I thought that this album would be done last year
But im honestly just happy that I even made here
Good friends, and a lot of music helped me survive the cold
the nutrition for my ambition, now I'm hungry and bold

Old school sound, but I'm still young wild and cocky
Omegacon flow, tell em beam me up Scotty
I wanna make this shit look easy
Emo, but i want an ego to rival yeezy

And i want to keep making music till I can stand with the greats
I know that it's all in my fate
So here's to the new year, to keep pushing forward
Here's to never giving up, foolish warrior