Sadboy EP

by Wülf Boi

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Sadboy Rap: Hip hop about the struggle of being a virgin weaboo. But, like, still a thug, though.

track 1 was produced by wanderer, go check out the original, cuz he's dope:


released September 7, 2016




Wülf Boi Virginia

Inventor of Sadboy Rap

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Track Name: Tokyo Wanderer - Mistakes (Wülf Boi Remix)
Summertime, and I'm sitting reminiscing
Of another time, thinking how I should've listened
My head was thinking, but my dick had other plans
Now she's probably off with another man

I can't believe I fucked this up
Now I'm sitting here sipping this whiskey from my cup
Thinking of what could have been
Thinking maybe I might've been happy if I'd just let her in

Maybe it's not too late to let her know
If don't try now then I'll never know
In hindsight, I shouldn't have let her go
But hindsight is 20-20, I'm starting back at zero

I'm not a tragic hero, I'm closer to a villain
I never realized the hearts that I was stealing
Whenever someone's close, I push away my feelings
But now this feeling of loneliness has got me reeling

We all make mistakes, we're not flawless
But one is all it takes to appall us
got to get this out of my head before I panic
My memories have got me turning frantic, one small slip up starts to feel gigantic

I'm trying to drown it like titanic, tell myself it's in the past
But I can't ignore it, thinking of when we met in class
It's so far away now, time always moves so fucking fast
I'm distraught, can I find a way to make it last?

Maybe one day, and that's what keeping me going
The reason I'm still here, trying my best keep it rolling
Keep on flowing stead of blowing out my brains
I keep looking ahead, I use this music to escape the pain

So fuck a dame, all I need to do is love me
To the ones who think I can't make it, we'll see
Just watch out, wulf is here to keep it OG
So for all the sadsacks out there, drinks are on me
Track Name: Omegacon
August rolls around and nerds start throwing cash
Tickets fly out the booth, gone in a flash
Yeah, c-ville hometown of that omegacon
Ask me if I'm going, man I'm already gone

Call me tron, cuz I'm in the game
No shame, nekomimi on my head, pussy on my brain
Wild animal, fuck ever going tame
Cuz I'm going all night, no night will be the same

I butcher these beats, they call me Gen Urobuchi
These Rainbow Dash girls got manes like Gucci
This shit's rawer than sushi, but I'm munching on that pocky
We that wulf squad, young wild and cocky

Mad flow is sick, like I'm spitting rage virus
Nerd rapping puns, write my rhymes in papyrus
In the tourney I'll slay 'em
Causing mayhem
Smash bro's, we playing PM to the early AM


This gathering is magic, I'm busting out my green deck
I'm tryna find star fox, yo that's a Star Trek
We're hangin out, but still looking at our phones
Cuz in this bitch it's Pokemon Go hard or Go home

We getting crunchy roll, bitch no take out
hit up the maid cafe and try to take some cake out
We're pumping out tunes, catching DJ Gigabyte
Bass bumping, new shit, damn those breaks are hella tight

Hella right, raving like we off our fucking meds
No sleep all weekend like what the fuck's a bed?
We're Chosen Undead, 7/11 that pilgrimage
Running home and grabbing a few cans of monster from the fridge

Caffeine and repeat, that's my weekend checklist
Ramen noodles and pocky is for my breakfast
I never miss a moment, every year I'm here
Nerds blowout, omegacon every fucking year

Track Name: Mac Miller ft. Vince Staples - Rain (Wülf Boi Freestyle)
Monday morning, early caffeine cravings
Keurig pods taking out the dollars from my savings
Counting quarters, penny pinching just to catch the bus line
Hours inching by, repeat like a drum line

Daily syncopation, different day, same addictions
I thought I needed her just like prescriptions
She wasn't an angel but I thought that I could make her wings
But even know I'm feeling aches from where she left her stings


Crash land in reality
I'm nodding off to Aesop
Remember old fatalities
Nose dive off the bass drop

Hopping off the bus, forget my manners
Seeing couples holdin hands, turn the shade of bruce banner

Violently check my apps
Tear my mind off the issues
I'm not addicted to her
So my phone is what I misuse

Passing by a vendor, grab that sleep in a bottle
Avoiding eye contact, hall walk full throttle


Do I still love her?
She wasn't heaven sent
But now I miss the way we time spent

I thought i'd never trip off the tinder shit
Now I'm feeling desperate, love life so desolate

I realize I can't get by
Stuck in this state of mind
No lie, I'm not usually this kinda guy

It's hard to justify
The friction that I'm always in
Addictions deadly, worse with young lovers and old sin
Track Name: Intimate Cypher ft. C-Nuri
[Wülf Boi]
My rap is iron man's tuxedo: not my strong suit
But I can still rip it rawer than your whole crew
Not out for money, this is just entertainment
Release the LP, let run the jewels out my basement

I ride the city bus, yeah, I'm dirt poor
But your girl still ride up on me like some panties in short shorts
I get more tail than furry conventions
But haters look at me strange like rapping's a new invention

I got a flow tighter than her black dress
But this nerdy white kid ain't hood, so they're not impressed
Swag like an apple product: no off switch
I'm going for the shine, looking for that gold snitch

I wandered Tokyo, my first rap was overseas
Now I'm like a Russian farmer, I'm making my own beats
I haven't posted anything in a few days
New song is a shocker like a new taze

So nerdy, so wordy, what gambino say
They say I'm wack but nobody better than me no way
My flow hot, bars cold, that's some quantum physics
I neutralize basic bitches, spit it so acidic

We super smash bros, Nuri, we
smash hoes
We got them girls screaming like yeah we tech those
Yeah we take those, and run em like an exe
So medieval, My crew rolling like some dnd

It's big C Nur e
I'll have you running like a furry
tail between your legs
Where your balls should be
In all honesty you're just a joke to me
Wülf and Nuri
Going hard on this beat
But I got this other side to me
I'll spit fire yeah you see
They say I'm dragon born
Balls deep in your girl
You assumed I was just a fat boy
It was just a ruse to take you whole crew
Hey you see I got this real flow to me
Even death's in love with me Deadpool's proud you see
I'm the ultimate egotistic
With a miracle for lyricals
I'm not even legal
Yet I'm trippin' on that trill shit
While you're sippin' on that 10 cent
Real shit
Get out my business
You ain't got 10 cents to your name
You're a bum on the street what a shame
With all these cannibals now a days
You would think the zombiegeddon was days away
With aliens not far away
You say you're all high and mighty
But I'm higher than the highest mountain
Mightier than the strongest lion
I can see what you really want to be
Except you won't cuz you're dead
I got you dumber than Fred
from the Flintstones
you know he said
Yaba daba doing it
All over your mom's new bedroom set what a fret
You'll be tripping on my verses
While I'm gripping on your girlfriend
And she licking on my girlfriend
Got a threesome on the way
But then I fucked her brains out
she became a zombie drained out
So I left her On the corner stringed out
Wait Nuri bruh that's where I live
Oh shit woops